Our team

Our mission is to create sustainable mealworm farming for human consumption.

The Team:

As a whole Heimdal Entofarm Team represents lifelong practical experience with farming, medical insight in human and animal welfare, well-founded theoretical insight in scientific theory, ethical matters and sustainability from studies at Aalborg University.

Jakob Mainz


MA Student Applied Philosophy

Specialized in Sustainability

Dorte Svenstrup

Co-founder and Director

Mads Friche


MA Applied Philosophy

Specialized in philosophy of Health

Our collaborators

The start-up and foundation of Heimdal Entofarm has gifted us with a number of great relations in a wide range of areas. The project has many aspects which have led us widely around in the search for support regarding things we needed more knowledge about.

We will present the lovely people who have been a great help for us so far:

Technological Institute Aarhus: Our primary contact person here has been Lars Heckman. Lars has kindly introduced us to the basics elements of the insect industry. Lars helped us arrange our insect conference and has been helpful with many important relations to relevant people.

Agro business Park: Here we met Jacob Mogensen, who has provided us with lots of advice and support regarding developing a business and how to apply for founding.