Can we come and visit your farm?

We are very sorry, but we cannot have any visitors at the farm. We receive a lot of requests about visiting the farm. As much as we would like to say yes to all of them, we must recognize that it is really time consuming, and that we must limit the amount of people in the production due to the risk of contamination. We are considering making a showroom, where we can host visitors, but until then, we unfortunately have to reject all requests.

How many different sorts of insects do you breed?

We only breed mealworms (Tenebrio Molitor)

How do you produce mealworms?

We spend most of our time researching how to optimize the mealworm production, and thus we cannot share all the big secrets with everyone. However, it is quite easy to keep the worms alive, make them reproduce etc. To do this, you only need a certain amount of heat, moist, and feed. The difficult part is to optimize all the parameters so that the production becomes profitable. This means how to make the beetles lay the most eggs, what feed to use, how to sort the full grown worms etc. There is very little information about these processes available, so we have to discover everything on our own, and therefore we cannot share these details with everyone.


Can you help with my study project?

By default we would love to help you with your project, by answering non-sensitive questions. However, we have to spend a limited amount of time on each project, since we receive a lot of requests and we only have so much time to devote to such activities. You are always welcome to call us or write to us. We prefer doing written interviews, and we prefer to check your citations from the interview before you submit it.

Do you do media interviews?

Yes! We would like to participate in various media coverage of our project.

How can I hear more about your project?

We love doing lectures about our project, and we would love to come and talk to you about our ideas and, our mission and our plans for the future. You can book a presentation at by writing us on e-mail, via facebook or by using the contact formular on this page, and we will try to be very flexible when it comes to the venue and juncture. We will bring tastings and living mealworms so you can get a real sense of what this is about.