There are many reasons to replace parts of conventional agriculture with insect production. One of these reasons is that insect production in many ways will be preferable when it comes to animal welfare. In conventional agriculture, animal welfare does not always come before increased productivity. This often means that the animals have very little space, develop bedsores, receive large amounts of antibiotics etc. Of course the animals are not the only ones who have a legitimate stake in this equation. The farmer must have something to live on, the consumers must have food on the table etc. It has always been possible to survive without the potentially problematic production conditions in agriculture, if one was willing to live as a vegan or vegetarian. By eating insects instead of meat, one can now get the need of protein covered without the inconvenience that might be associated with being a vegan or vegetarian.

The insects thrive very well, when there are many of them in limited space. We can improve animal welfare in the agriculture, give the farmer something to live on, and give the consumer something to eat, all at once, and in a way that is sustainable in the long run.