A brief history of Heimdal

Around the year 1900, a small cottage was build on the open heather. The people made a living from sheep keeping. The sheep were grazing on the heather. Farming expanded to western parts of Jutland, and the work of turning heather into agricultural land had started. Christian Nicolai Valdemar Pedersen (Dorte’s grandfather) invented the Al-plough, which was a tremendous help for this large project.

In cooperation with the heath company, Professor Weis and Dr. Hasselbalch, my grandfather, build the farm Heimdal. The heather turned into agricultural land and they started to grow grain and potatoes. Over the years, the production has changed according to what was profitable. Heimdal was the first dairy farm in Denmark to keep the dairy cows walking loose in the barn using “bed-boxes”. These changes occurred during the time my father Kjeld Svenstrup Pedersen owned and managed the farm.

The dairy production ended in the late 80’s, when Denmark entered the European Union. A subsidy was given to the dairy farmers who chose to end their production. After this Heimdal began pig farming.

From 2010 on, the agriculture land of Heimdal was leased to a neighbor farmer. The production of pigs and potatoes has ceased. This released space in some of the buildings, space for thinking NEW.

Today we pioneer with production of a new protein source. We produce insects for food, feed and fertilizer. Thus, the innovative approach to farming still remains at Heimdal, and I am proud to take on this legacy from my ancestors.

Dorte Svenstrup