We have a food approval!

We are happy to announce that Heimdal Entofarm has now received its food approval. This means that we may now sell mealworms from our own production for human consumption. It has been a rough journey from we first got the idea that we wanted to produce mealworms for human consumption to now when we are actually allowed to do it. When we started the production, it was not legal to insects for human consumption in Denmark. We therefore knew that we had to be patient if we were to succeed. We manage to get in touch with the Danish Minister of Environment and Food from the get go. He visited Heimdal and promised to help with the legal issues. After much help from the Danish Food Standard Agency, we learned how to arrange an insect farm in a way that lives up to all the legal standards. They finally came to inspect our farm, and now we have the final food approval. We have now started to expand the production from our initial test rooms, and we hope to soon be able to bring the first Danish mealworms to the market.