Besides farming insects, Mads and Jakob are on the Danish national team in benchpress. In benchpress you lie on your back with a barbell in your hands, lower the barbell and press it back to the starting point where your arms are fully stretched again. The one who can press the heaviest barbell in three attempts, wins the competition!

2017 was an amazing year for the two benchpressers from Heimdal. By improving their diet with even more insects during the year, there was significant improvements in their lifts. Both lifters are on the national Danish benchpress team, and they had the following results in 2017:

Jakob won a 5th place in the classic world championships in benchpress with 225 kilos, and a 4th place in the European championships with 230 kilo. Both of those lift where Danish records! In the national championships in the classic benchpress Jakob won both his weight class and the total victory across the different classes! In the nationals in the equipped benchpress, which is benchpressing while wearing a special benchpress suit, Jakob lifted 305 kilos and won his class and the competition across the weight classes as well!

Mads’ season began with a 6th place at the world championships in equipped benchpress, and a Danish record at 252.5 kilos. At the Europeans he increased the record with 10 kilos more and took a silver medal with 262.5 kilos. At the national Danish championships Mads won his class and was second (after Jakob), in the competition across the weightclasses. He also got the trophy for lifter of the year, since his average of the two best lift during the year, was the highest in Denmark.

The fact the two best benchpressers in Denmark eats a lot of mealworms, is hardly a coincidence! Being so rich in proteins and healthy fatty acids, it is no wonder that they gain strength in their benchpress 😉